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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Back from Didneelan

[Listening to: The Anomoanon - 'Kick Back']

I'm still trying to figure out how to use all the stuff in w.bloggar, to post to this blog. There are some interesting features I don't understand yet.

Besides, today is a bad day for me to try to learn anything. I'm completely exhausted and barely making it through work. Got back from Disneyland last night. Had an amazing time, with the most wonderful girl in the world. We had some fun (I say that facetiously) to return to involving a certain, shall-remain-nameless assface, but hey, not everyone in the world can be happy for other people's happiness, I understand this.

So Saturday Heather's folks picked me up and took the two of us to Oakland Airport to head down south. The flight was delayed a little more than a half-hour, and the DirecTV on the flight... one of the main drawing points to flying JetBlue... was non-operational. Bummer, but we were so excited about the trip we just talked the whole time.

The first surprise I had for her was a towncar picking us up from the airport. Now, since we flew in to Long Beach, and shuttles to Disneyland only depart from LAX or John Wayne, the towncar was only a slight splurge... the other option would have been a cab. Cabs scare me and smell strange. So, towncar it was. We checked into the hotel, took our bags up to our room, and headed over to Disney's California Adventure. Heather had never before been to that park.

We hit some of the Paradise Pier rides (Sun Wheel, MaliBoomer) after grabbing a Soarin' Over California fastpass. Then we, at our friend Thorsen's recommendation, ate the best damn corndogs in the entire world at Corn Dog Castle. Holy Crap. They were huge, and delicious. They came with little bags of potato chips that we didn't even try to eat.

We spent most of the day at DCA... did Soarin', and Tower of Terror, and caught the MuppetVision 3D show (a personal favorite) before heading back to the hotel, grabbing coats, and making our way to Disneyland for Heather's other surprise.

She knew I wanted to see Fantasmic! on Saturday night, and I was real nervous that it would rain and the show (which is performed outdoors on and across the Rivers of America from New Orleans Square/Frontierland) would be cancelled. She got so nervous when we crossed into Frontierland near the area and saw all the people standing already, and wondered where we should stand. Stand nothin'. We headed up the stairs to the Disney Gallery, where I gave her her ticket to the Balcony Seating Dessert Buffet. We sat comfortably with amazing seats for the show, above the crowd, dead center, and ate some awesome puff pastries, assorted cheeses, etc, along with some cocoa and soda.

It was a nice start to an excellent weekend. Sunday we spent all day at Disneyland, with lunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant and a welcome midday respite back at the hotel. Monday was morning back at DCA, and in the evening we had reservations at Granville's Steakhouse at the Disneyland Hotel for Valentine's Day dinner. It was amazing, and I discovered a new wine I need to track down around here... Saintsbury Pinot Noir, from Napa. Tuesday, even though we were completely exhausted, we headed back to Disneyland after we checked out, and milled about, doing a few rides after breakfast at the River Belle Terrace, seeing Tom Sawyer's Island, and just sitting and people-watching for some of the time.

All-in-all, it's the best trip to Disneyland that I can remember, and I'm down there a lot. She's one special girl, and she made my trip there all the better.

Here's to many more. Love you, hun.

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