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Monday, February 28, 2005


end o' day

[ Listening to while writing this: The Shins - "Kissing the Lipless", Huey Lewis and the News - "The Heart of Rock'n'Roll" ] So I have kinda done all the work I want to do today. There is more I could do, I'm sure, but I need to keep stuff kind of spread out so I have enough to do the rest of the week. Today is both a monday (heavy email day) and the last of the month (heavy reporting day) so I have had plenty on my plate, in my opinion. I'd still like to be working somewhere else, and sooner rather than later. I am not looking forward to the commute later today. I think when I get home I may clean my shower. On the way home I need to stop at Long's and get some stuff... maybe go by Safeway for some legit food so I can stop all this fast food/dinners out stuff. I'm at 270 pounds and, while this is still lighter than my all-time high of 285 in Spring 2003, it's much heavier than my most-recent low of 235 in Winter '03/'04. Also need to get the March Dan's jukebox mix done. Definately going in: Flogging Molly - "Salty Dog," Dropkick Murphys - "Barroom Hero," The Pogues - "Beer Beer Beer," and Great Big Sea - "The Night Pat Murphy Died." Yay for St. Pat's Day! Out at Dan's tonight? Perhaps.

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