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Monday, February 21, 2005


I actually remembered a dream I had...

[Currently listening to: Ben Folds Five - Zak and Sara] I had this funky dream last night wherein Kevan Barlow was traded to the Detroit Lions for Joey Harrington. The Niners went on to draft Cedric Benson first overall, then Harrington thrived in the Mike Nolan system in SF, and he and Benson led the Niners to the Super Bowl this year... 2-14 to the Super Bowl... now that is pure insanity. I hate it when people repeatedly misuse words. The game Catchphrase is fun as all get-out. Lemme tell ya. COCK RABBIT! Ugh... I don't have the day off today. I'm at work. I have very little to do though, because we even pushed back our normal Monday email campaigns to Wednesday because of the holiday. So I will probably spend most of the day fucking around on different baseball blogs and sites, toying with the scoring system for my new fantasy keeper league (that has the great name of East Baysball) and maybe posting here. Probably waste some time on some Disney sites too. I should put up a links list of my favorite sites. Like Baseball Prospectus, Athletics Nation, Elephants in Oakland, Mice Age, Mouse Planet, etc... Definately. Until later.

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