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Monday, February 28, 2005


things are the way they are because they are. i think.

[ Listening to while writing this stuff: The Rapture - "Olio", Broken Social Scene - "Almost Crimes", My Morning Jacket - "The Way That He Sings" ]

I am actively seeking new employment.

That being said, I am eagerly anticipating the coming months. Baseball season is going to ramp back up (first Spring Training games are on Thursday!), the weather is taking a turn for the better (today is absolutely gorgeous... at least on my side of the hills), and I am dating the most beautiful, sexy, intelligent, fun girl I've ever known in my life. What more could a guy ask for?

Today I got paid, and the direct deposit went into my new checking account, at Mechanics Bank, instead of my old one at Washington Mutual. This is good. I've wanted to ditch WaMu and their ATM fees for a few months now, and I finally can (as soon as I pay them the $30 that my account is overdrawn). Between that, and the facts that my bills are all paid up (minus car registration, due in April), that the Disneyland trip from Valentine's Day is all reconciled, I have already paid what federal taxes I owed, I have plenty of money for this month's rent, a near-full tank of gas, and a burning desire to stop eating out all the time... well... things are looking up, monetarily-speaking.

Still. I want to either make more money or spend less or, preferably of course, some combination of both. I am looking at new places to live when my lease is up this coming July. I am seriously considering moving in with my friend Eric... well, rather, he and I would search for a place together... simply because I would be paying so much less, regardless of what we find, than I am now, splitting rent with him. In order for my rent to remain the same, we'd have to move in to something that costs about $1800... which ain't a-happenin, pahdnah.

Anyway, so I'm trying to keep my eyes open for good two-bedrooms as close to downtown W.C. as geographically possible. In the meantime, I am trying to make the best of my miniscule kitchen. I do hate cooking in that coffin. Plus the apartment building is pretty ridiculously loud at times, there's no balcony, little street parking, and I have enough stuff to quite possibly fill an apartment twice as big as the one in which I live. C'est la vie.

Until later then...

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