dead men tell no tales...

...and drink no wine, and are therefore no good at parties

Thursday, March 03, 2005


email lists, testimonials, imaging, oh my...

I got Photoshop on my work machine. I got so happy I put my face on Barry Zito's body... I AM STEVE ZITO! Ahem. So anyway, the workday is nearly complete. Still waiting on some fuckbags to phone me back regarding some product testimonials. Why don't people jump at the chance to be used as tools in the hands of the marketing arm of a privately-owned company with no corporate oversight? Fuckbags, the lot of them. But I'm in a decent mood. Though, I will be without my hon for dinner tonight... the whole Ruth's Chris thing... so I will either make myself pasta, or chicken. Not sure yet. But if it's chicken, it won't be stir-fry... i think i'll just fry up some chicken in a pan with olive oil and soy sauce... yum.

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