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Thursday, March 31, 2005


guten morgen

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood... It really is a nice day, traffic was smooth as a baby's butt this morning, today's payday, I have one fantasy draft this afternoon, Heather's dad's birthday to attend (yay tacos!), the Big Fantasy Draft at my dad's house on Saturday, tomorrow's friday which means free bagels in the morning, plus Anne is buying the department lunch for no good reason other than that she rocks, AND, I've got plans, plans, plans. Granted... a wise man once said that a plan is nothing more than a list of things that don't happen. Fair enough. But I've got plans... saving money plans, moving plans, Disney World plans... 2005 started off a little weird, and has quickly become my all-time favorite year. Seriously. It's a nice, round number, middle of the decade, all that. I've begun dating the most amazing woman on the planet, who day after day continues to both surprise me and remind me just how lucky a bastard I am to be with her... she's even cool with the fact that the A's home opener is on our 3-month anniversary, and we're gonna go. Rock. The day at work feels like it shouldn't be too hectic. I have a meeting from 11-12, and if I take out the time spent there and the half-hour I get for lunch, my day is already 21% over! WOOHOO!

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