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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


how curious...

So, my money issues have, recently, made me a bit of a worry-wart. I think a lot of things hit at once, and that included me paying all my outstanding bills in late February, then having nearly no money when I got paid the first of the month, and of course, 75% of my first paycheck each month is spoken for by rent. This morning I got up, knowing I did not have enough money to get enough gas to go to work, were it not for the generosity of my Heather and the Lincoln she left at my house... or if my paycheck had actually gone through. So, I wake up, check my account balance at, and there's $2.55... obviously, my direct deposit had not gone through. I fume, I scream (inside my head of course, it was 6:30am) and eventually I leave my apartment to go to work, stopping at Valero for 2.1 gallons of gas... enough to get me to work and back, and maybe back there again Wednesday morning (but not back home after that). I get in at 7:30... no more than an hour has gone by... and I check the balance... And I have money. Thank god. Not sure why it took until 7 or 7:30am to show on the bank website, but whatever. I have some bills to pay, some people to buy drinks for, and my girl and I are steppin' out to Prima Ristorante friday night for some yummies and (for me, at least) a little wine. So, the day "started" shitty, but then got good so fast I can just say my day has started quite nicely.

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