dead men tell no tales...

...and drink no wine, and are therefore no good at parties

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


i have been negligent in my blogging duties

and I will try to remedy this. Thursday, payday, cannot come quick enough. I just confirmed (by perusing previous pay stubs) that I indeed get paid on the last, and not the first, of the month. This is good. Especially since this morning I forgot to bring any lunch with me from home... and it's raining out, which means I don't really want to walk down to KFC. I guess I will have to wait and see what strikes me at 11:30-noonish. Had a nice time yesterday with Heather and the gang, even if the afternoon began with a slight (now-long-forgiven) misunderstanding. I took what I could of a nap, watched a little Finding Nemo, showered, and met Heather, Mandy and Eric down at La Scala, then we went to Dan's. Surprisingly, Turtle was working, the second night in a row... even more surprising, of course, was Heather and I gracing the locale with our presence two nights in a row. My iPod has been on a pretty good kick of shuffling lately... last few songs were "Turn a Square" by The Shins, "Come Back Down" by Toad, "Rake" by Sufjan Stevens, "Lie in Our Graves" by DMB, "Lily and Parrots" by Sun Kil Moon, "It Kills" by Stephen Malkmus, and on, and on, and on... good stuff, really. I'd like to ask everyone out there, to please blog responsibly.

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