dead men tell no tales...

...and drink no wine, and are therefore no good at parties

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


so i started putting Equal and half'n'half in my Chai

to make a nice little Chai Latte... they go down smooth and perk me up! Now I need to buy more!

Lunch today with Heather. YAY! I certainly am in deep smit with that girl. She rocks.

Fuck the caffeine in this chai is wiring me something fierce.

I just entered a contest to win $15k and a job with the San Francisco Giants.

Briefly on the topic of Michael Eisner's replacement as Disney's CEO by current Disney President Robert Iger... Iger is a tool and has a long way to go to prove he isn't just a hand puppet for Eisner. Where does he need to start? Fucking REPAIR the relationship with PIXAR. The only profitable and acclaimed films to come out of the Disney camp the last few years... Pirates of the Caribbean excepted... came from either Pixar or Miramax, and Eisner screwed the pooch on both relationships. Get to work, Iger!

Then again, maybe not... Disney stock is up three-quarter of a point (about 2.6%) in today's trading, and is up about $1.25 since the announcement of Iger's ascendency to CEOdom. I guess Wall Street is just happy to know Eisner is on the way out...

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