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Friday, March 11, 2005


so this comment shit is harder to figure than i figured

I just need to go to Blogger school or something to figure it out, but, besides that, I'd say the skin is basically done. I took this photograph on December 12, 2004... my 25th birthday. It's of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. It was some time in the morning, from behind the castle. The sun is rising, not setting, which I think is obvious. Anyway, it's a photo I like, and I'm happy I could put together a blog skin that not only is "me" in the sense that just about anything Disney could represent "me," but is also that in that the photo is mine as well, and not just representative or indicative of an interest or hobby. I hope this day goes smoothly, or quickly, or both. Alana, I sent off my resume` to you this morning. Keep me up-to-date. I do love getting in as early as I do... it gives me an hour or so before New Chick shows up and overbites and bucktooths and speed-talks her way into my life again. I shudder to think. Honey, the instrumental classical guitar song on your mix is "Si Paloma" by Sun Kil Moon, if you're curious. Love and kisses.

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