dead men tell no tales...

...and drink no wine, and are therefore no good at parties

Monday, March 14, 2005



Been to work for like, two hours at this point. Still wish I knew what I was doing wrong on the comments tip. Had to hammer out this shit like mad this morning, newsletter-type stuff for our customers. Should have gotten it done on Friday, didn't, then should have gotten it done this weekend, and didn't.

What I did do this weekend, however, included:

So, overall, a productive weekend. Now I just want to do more of my laundry so I can finally have it all done at the same time, and I need to do my dishes and clean up the shelves in my kitchen. I know all these things because I have started leaving myself notes on the voice recorder that I originally bought to attempt to speak to the dead ala White Noise. I never did try that. It's now a to-do list, and apparently it's working.

I think I'll add "fix the comments on your fucking blog" to the to-do voice recorder right now...

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