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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


there is vanilla in my nostrils

And I'm not sure where it came from. I feel that an annoyance has relocated... that my little neighborhood in Walnut Creek is a bit brighter this morning... eh, it must be nothing. So today, my big thing at work is getting people on the horn and getting some testimonials for one of our products. For some reason I hate doing this, even though every time I do it's a very painless process... we chat on the phone for about five-ten minutes, tops... I write up "their words" from my notes, email it to them, and usually within a couple hours I get an "okay" to attribute my writeup to them and I file it away. But for some reason I don't like doing it and am constantly putting it off. But now my boss is getting hounded on by her boss to get some testimonials to the salespeople for this particular product. And since my job is to make her look good, it's time to buckle down and get it done. Dammit. Andy's friend Scott bitched out on our keeper baseball league, so now we're looking for a replacement. It shouldn't be too hard... the league is $50, but the winner is guaranteed at least $225 at the end of the season, and second place gets at least $95. The guy at work whom I really don't like will be leaving on the 11th. Saweet. That is all.

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