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Monday, March 07, 2005


three hours to go

I'll be getting out of here at 3:30 today. I think I like getting in around 7:30... not taking a lunch break... it all translates to a 3:30 departure time for yours truly. OK... priorities for when I get home... (1) clean the tub, (2) dishes, (3) collect/take out the trash, (4) laundry And of course, I'll probably get in a game or two of MVP 2005. 7 days until next paycheck... working it... Gonna finally put together the proper March Micks for Dan's... had to make a few changes, including getting rid of "Tessie" by Dropkick Murphys... I thought it was a song about baseball. It's a song about the Red Sox. Fuck that. I'm not about to be responsible for putting a Red Sox theme song in the Dan's jukebox. No way. Everyone makes a big deal about Sox vs. Yanks in baseball... "the greatest rivalry in all of sports" or whatever ("Whatever" is right... Michigan vs. Ohio State comes to mind as bigger)... what about those of us who hate both teams? Sure, if pressed, I'd admit to hating the Yankees more, but this in no way makes me a Red Sox fan. I'd love to see the Blue Jays, Oriorles or Devil Rays fuck them BOTH up. THAT would be great! Eh, whatever. Go A's! [ Listened to while writing this: Broken Social Scene - "Stars and Sons", Dave Matthews Band - "Dancing Nancies" ]

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