dead men tell no tales...

...and drink no wine, and are therefore no good at parties

Thursday, March 03, 2005


tried making breakfast

two eggs, hash browns, two sausage links... but, i tried making it all together in the same skillet. So, of course, the eggs cooked quick, and the hash browns and sausage, which were frozen, looked done (the sausages were precooked anyway) but were a little cold inside. I guess I need to starts the browns and links first, then throw on some eggs. Then I tried making toast in the skillet. Ha. Don't do that. I brought leftover Skip's for lunch, and will probably make up some chicken or pasta for dinner, since Heather is going to Ruth's Chris with her family for her sister's birthday. I can't swing that kind of dinner $$$ right now. Oh well. I'll miss her though.

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