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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


...if your little aviators don't measure up to the height...

I know it is waaaaaaay too early to get Disney fever and all, but I have it. And speaking of fevers, Heather's broke yesterday. She came over last night, we packed in another six or seven episodes of Sports Night (we're knocking those out at a nice clip), had some Safeway soup (I had chili, she had minestrone) and I just tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Being sick sucks. The night before I made some fettucine alfredo with crab. Sure, it was imitation crab meat, and Classico's basic alfredo sauce, but it was still mm-mm-good. I bought a ton of pasta (fettucine, linguine, rigatoni) and sauces (still have a garlic alfredo and two jars of basil tomato) and Safeway the other day... figure it will be best for me if I can just boil some pasta and toss it over sauce for dinner, rather than going out. The basil tomato sauce will make a nice base for other stuff... i have plenty of herbs, I could do some chicken or beef in there, stuff like that. I'm starting to like cooking, in spite of the disgusting smallness of my kitchen. Not that I've measured, but my guess is that the foot space in the kitchen, with all the appliances and such, measures about five feet by three feet. I have probably a collective 4 square feet of counter space, and that's it. LAME. More pictures of Coronado Springs: Ahhhh... soooooo nice. 235 days, 15 hours, 16 minutes, 55 seconds [ listening to: Soarin' Over California (ride audio) | Haunted Mansion (ride audio) ]

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