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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Less Sucky Than Kavon

So it turns out that, due to a stat correction (or the delayed awarding of Hits With Runners In Scoring Position and Quality Starts) I did not lose both games last week in my fantasy baseball league, but rather split them (and beat my dad's friend Bob! I like beating Bob! Bob's been doing fantasy for like 20 years!). So I am 1-3, not 0-4... and Kavon is the only oh-fer team in the league. Sure, I'm still at the bottom of my division, but I think yesterday was my turn-around day. Why? First, A-Rod hit amassed 28 points for me yesterday... that's pretty standard for a batter to earn in a WEEK and he will play siz more days for me this week. He went 5-for-6, with a pair of homers, a pair of doubles, 5 runs and 6 RBI. His excellent hitting finally dragged his season batting average to .300. Considering the guy was my first-round draft pick (#3 overall, behind Johan Santana and Vlad Guerrero), I expect him to do well, dammit! Second, C.C. Sabathia, the second pitcher I drafted and the guy I thought would anchor my rotation along with Brad Radke, came off the DL. I dropped Noah Lowry, a young, but unexciting, pitcher, to make room for him. Third, Dallas McPherson, the first prospect I took a flier on in the draft, was recalled from Triple-A and will be starting at third for the Pasadena Angels of Santa Ana. All I had to drop for him was Jorge Julio, middle reliever for Baltimore who I had just in case their closer, B.J. Ryan (whom I have) lost his job on a shaky start. Ryan has 2 saves in 2 chances, and in 6 2/3 innings pitched, has posted an ERA of 2.70 and a WHIP of 1.50 (both a little on the high side for a closer)... but has an astronomical strikeout rate (figured as strikeouts-per-9-innings-pitched) of 16.2... that's better than 1.5 strikeouts per inning. Insane. So in other words, don't need Julio, Ryan's job is safe. Also, by bringing McPherson up from the minors, it opened up one of my two minor league spots. I grabbed Delmon Young, Double-A prospect right fielder in the Tampa Bay organization. Considered easily the best hitting prospect in the high minors, the guy could turn out to be everything Ken Griffey Jr. should have been had it not been for injuries. With him and Felix Hernandez (right-handed pitcher, Single-A, Mariners), I have the best hitter and the best pitcher in the minors on my keeper team. Word. Finally... I trade Delmon Young's big brother Dmitri, DH/1B for the Detroit Tigers, to Andy for Rodrigo Lopez, starting pitcher in Baltimore. Young had actually earned more points to date for me than any other hitter on my team, but I just don't think he'll sustain it, and I knew his trade value would never be higher. Lopez, on the other hand, ought to be good for 13-14 wins this season, and an ERA in the 3.75-4.25 range. With him, Sabathia, Radke, Gustavo Chacin and Bronson Arroyo, my pitching staff is set. And I have Travis Hafner and Shea Hillenbrand to cover the DH/1B role for me. So I'm finally feeling like my team is set, and not just now, but for the future. With A-Rod heating up, Sheffield anchoring the outfield, and the young guys like Swisher, McPherson, David DeJesus and Jeremy Reed just ready to break out... as long as my other vets like Hillenbrand, Johnny Damon and Edgar Renteria perform to snuff... I feel like this team could definately win the whol magilla. Even if Jeremy did draft Huston Street. That bastard. Of course... he really wanted Delmon Young, and called me a bastard for that... so now we're fucking even. Word. [ listening to: Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds ]

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