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Friday, April 15, 2005


so apparently I'm supposed to write something...

It looks like today will be something of a slow day at work. Sure, I have the usual Monday morning emails to get setup today before I leave, plus a landing page/thankyou page combo to whip up, but that's collectively, maybe, 2 hours' work. So I think today I'm gonna look at putting some legwork into choosing a resort for the Walt Disney World trip Heather and I are planning. The great question, of course, is still cost. Neither of us really know just how much money we'll have to work with come December. What I have figured out, is that I'm a smart enough guy and know how to get all the information I need, and therefore will not be using a travel agent. I'm gonna go it alone (well, not alone, with Heather) on planning and finding the best deal. The amount of information out on the internet alone is amazing, and I even have a spreadsheet that will calculate estimated dining costs, specifically by which restaurant you might eat at. It'll even tell you how far out you need to make Priority Seating requests. So I plan on putting together some pictures/stats/costs for most of the resorts at WDW... and certainly for All-Star Movies, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans (Riverside and French Quarter), BoardWalk, Beach/Yacht Club, Contemporary, Polynesian and Wilderness Lodge. And maybe others. A's game tonight. Will hopefully go better than Monday's game. Z needs to find his stuff and find it fast... if he hangs that curve against the The Angels Angels, us bleacher bums will be seeing a lot of gray-and-red jerseys knocking a lot of balls into our seats. Lame.

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