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Thursday, May 19, 2005


haven't felt like blogging lately...

I don't think I realized how tense and stressed I've been lately with the whole switching jobs thing... and I'm still here at HG another 6 work days after today. Everything kind of came to a head yesterday, I was completely frustrated and had me a little panic attack or something... not quite a nervous breakdown, I don't think... but nothing good, that's for sure. Ended up missing the A's game altogether, which, of course, the ended up winning by like a bazillion runs. Candice is all into Anna Nalick, which is awesome. BTW dear, the song is "Breathe (2am)" and yes... it's awethum. Heather comes home tomorrow. Thank god. It's not been easy being away from her for so long. This is by leaps and bounds the most time we've spent apart (counting that she left monday morning and so I saw her around 11pm Sunday, and will hopefully see her around, say, 5 or 6pm tomorrow (maybe later), it's at least 115 hours) since we began dating, and I never want to spend so much time apart from her again. Normally, we don't spend more than 24 hours apart... usually less. I am about to book Part One of our December Disney World trip... and, I'm beginning to put together some surprises. Just like Disneyland for Valentine's Day, Heather... you didn't think I'd take you to WDW for a week and not toss in a surprise or two, did you? Of course not. Now, if you'll excuse me, Subsonic Radio is currently playing "Baroque Hoedown," a Main Street Electrical Parade cover by They Might Be Giants. Ta-ta.

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