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Friday, May 13, 2005



Heather and I celebrated 4 months together this week. Officially it was on Wednesday. We didn't do much besides spend time together and look ridiculously cute down at Dan's. But it got me to thinking...

This is now officially my longest relationship, by quite a large margin. Previously, I'd been in three separate relationships that had not one of them broken the 2 month barrier. Sad, I know. But I think there is something to that... I think I may be taking what I found for granted.

Not to say I don't love her. Not to say I don't tell her I love her, and show her I love her, every day if possible. I love her family, my family loves her, and from what I hear, her family loves me too. It's all very nice... but I don't think I've let it sink in yet that I have... not "may have," not "might have," have... found "the one." Maybe I haven't let that sink in because, in many ways, it's freakin' frightening. I'm 25, and was always the guy who screamed "No way before 30!"

Let's just say that if things remain as they are, even if they can't quite hold their current, luminous quality, but remain really fuckin' good... it's not gonna take me five years to do the whole priest-family-altar-ring thing. No chance. I couldn't even hold out that long if I wanted to, and I doubt I want to.

So here's to you, my love. Thank you for being you, and thank you for making me comfortable enough to remain myself... something no previous girlfriend could seem to do for me, not in the least.

Oh, and one more thing. You kick ass.

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