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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


wish me luck...

In response to this: (from CL)

Junior E-Marketing Developer/Programmer (walnut creek)
Reply to:
Date: 2005-05-02, 12:02PM PDT

We're a small -- 6 person -- but established -- 15+ years -- strategic marketing and design firm looking to find someone to take over junior responsiblities from our swamped Marketing Technologist (aka Senior Programmer). This is NOT a large network/server implementation/management position. We also are not hiring for any other position, so please only apply if this is truly a match.

Compensation: $35 - 45K annual salary plus benefits

Expert Level HTML
Solid Use of Style Sheets
Server-side Scripting (PHP. ASP, JSP)
Basic Photoshop and Illustrator
Javascript a plus

1. Primary Responsibility: E-mail production -- produce html e-mails from existing design, send them, and perform all the other tasks related to tracking, testing, and managing our clients' databases and the execution of their e-mail campaigns. You can see an example of the kind of work we are producing here by going here.

2. Web site production and maintenance -- we don't need a designer or strategic planner/content developer, but someone with some design aesthetic and a good sense of what makes for good UI. We primarily hand code HTML, in a Windows environment. This position will support the lead programmer on some site dev, but will mostly focus on enhancement and maintenance of existing sites from a front-end coding standpoint, not app dev. For a sense of the level of site work we are doing, see and

3. Bonus Skill: General office network, hardware and software support -- you know, the person everyone goes to and says "I can't print. I'm not getting any e-mail. What's this funny blue screen." We're a multi-platform environment, have a Net Integrator network box, have a leased box offsite for hosting a dozen client domains, and also act as free technical support for a good number of our clients.

Ideally your knowledge is more broad than deep, and you have some experience in all of these areas, especially in the e-mail arena. The level of work probably doesn't require more than a couple of years of experience, but with a very "I can figure out how to do this" attitude. Due to our size and volume, this is not a learning-focused environment. You must arrive ready-to-go. We're a normal group with normal clients and we work fairly normal hours. We all self-manage, meaning you need to be good at managing your own projects, priorities and time, and ultimately be responsible for the accuracy and quality of your work. So you'll need to be resourceful and able to creatively problem solve... and like doing it.

If you think this sounds like the kind of work you'd like to be doing, we'd appreciate a cover letter and resume sent by e-mail to

Since we are a small group with limited time -- your subject line and intro paragraph are key to getting our attention.

Thanks for your time and interest.

I wrote this:

Subject: ludicrously talented HTML/hardware/email guy seeks controlled insanity


My current job, while interesting in its own way, does not allow me to be a part of a vibrant, exciting group of creative people. While I like the work I do... HTML design (by hand, in Notepad) and deployment of demand gen marketing emails, writing/publishing (in Illustrator and HTML) newsletters for external and internal purposes, being the "tech nerd" my Marketing cohorts can go to, etc... I feel stifled in an environment with too many suits and not enough crazy ideas flying around.

My thirst for knowledge runs deep, and marketing, especially, is wildly fascinating to me. I want to learn more, as much and as fast as I can. But I also want to utilize what I have learned so far in as efficient, and productive a way as possible. Your firm sounds like the right place for me.

After viewing your ad on, I went over to to take a look. Loved what I saw... and am hoping you'll give me a chance to talk to you folks in person. Please do contact me with any questions.

~Steve Paulo
Online Marketing Developer, Inc.
cell: 925-917-0869

Check them out. They're off Newell Ave.

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