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Friday, June 17, 2005


Don't ever deposit your paycheck in the ATM

Just trust me on this one. Headache you don't want. Get direct deposit if you don't have it, and if you do, but you change jobs and they can't DD your first paycheck, go into the bank to deposit the check, even if it means waiting until the next day. Otherwise, things might get ugly. You've been warned. News in Brief: Disneyland's (and other theme parks') rides are held to the same safety standards as buses and trains, no matter what their druthers be. via BoingBoing. There was a cat in Oregon born with two faces. I always hated that place. No pic, unfortunately. via Fark. A London sushi join is providing iPods for use by their diners while they eat. Wonder if this could come across the pond. Not only that, I wonder what a guy has to do to get a place called "Yo! Sushi" opened up in his hometown! The Creek needs more sushi joints! EIGHT IS NOT ENOUGH, GODDAMMIT! via PSFK. Your favorite potato chips may be giving you the cancer. via Fark, again. Steve Jobs may be the most inspirational speaker in the world. Tony Robbins quits. via Lifehacker.

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