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Monday, June 13, 2005


Help me name myself...

So my good ol' buddy Kaveh has an idea for some kind of product (waiting to patent/trademark so I can't say much... because I don't know much...) and has asked me to help him with some marketing/branding stuff... starting with naming the company/product line. I gave him some decent ideas to mull over, he seemed rather fond of at least one, and I'm sure we'll continue on that path in the future... My problem is... if I'm going to be doing some freelance stuff, I want a DBA name... and "Steve Paulo Marketing" is booooring... I can't come up with a business name! Anyone have any ideas? There are some names I've used in the past, like: Statesponsored Press Fourfinger Industries Opal Epoch (I can't remember how I came to this name...) Oakgate Media I guess I could use one of those and slap "Marketing" or "Advertising" or whatever on the end... and I could always pretend I'm more than one and go with "Paulo and Associates" but that too bores me. My current boss, Rob Stankus, went with his first and middle names to name his firm ("Robert Anthony") and "Steven Roger" just doesn't have the same ring to me. Someone help!!

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