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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


In the morning...

Every once in a while, AdRants really says something that intrigues me. I was in no way an early adopter of the blogonemon, despite my running of what we called back then an "e/n" (everything/nothing) website in 2000/2001, but I can see the attraction people have to blogs when you get some great insight like this. The passage I'm referring to specifically is:
...we just can't get past the fact that trucker hats became unhip before they were hip, that viewers turned so quickly on the second season of "The O.C.", that next year, people will begin to crap all over "Lost", that we suddenly hate Tom Cruise because he's happy, that every ad campaign sucks unless it's the one you worked on, that Cannes still matters, that no one will remember that Ashlee Simpson got caught lip syncing when she hits the top of the charts again, that Lindsay Lohan's boob size is news, that Paris Hilton actually increased sales for Carl's Jr., that Hooters is an actual restaurant. Two years of intellectual stimulation is a lot to ask of a society where stimulation is a Hollywood movie as opposed to a well written novel.
So true.

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