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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


it's a done damn deal.

Last evening, Heather and I drove up to Lafayette to drop off my info, Eric's info, and a $500 check to Eric's and my new landlords. Thank god that's over. Now... for the actual moving part... ugh. Anyway, I made a little map of Walnut Creek that shows my old place, my new place, my work, and Dan's... with the old routes in red and the new routes in blue. My new home (330 N. Villa Way) is 0.2 miles further from work, and 0.6 miles further from Dan's... whatever will I do?! So this guys whose blog I read, Seth Godin, wrote a nice article about how "small" is the new "big." As someone who has just moved from a 150-person corporation to a 6-person design firm (well, 6 plus an intern and a part-time accountant), I found it very interesting. Ben's in Europe right now, touring. The band is Funeral Diner, and the blog is totes bitchin.' Now, everybody, go read Russ' blog because he's in Arizona and he misses us.

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