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Monday, June 27, 2005


workin' it

I'd say between 60-75% of what I own has made its way over to the new condo. I slept there the last two nights... slowly getting used to it. Heather is about halfway done cleaning all my clothes. It's a good thing she loves doing laundry... because I can't stand it. Taking tomorrow off of work to try to finish the rest of my shit up. We'll see how close I come to that.

Sometimes it can be fun laughing at dumbasses on MySpace... when you log in, there's a section that shows you three random people who are "new" or whatever. Click on one (doesn't matter)... somewhere in their group of friends is some execellent entertainment value. Go. Try it. Report back if you like.

In case you hadn't heard, you can now search for video on Google and, if you so desire, upload your own video(s) to the search engine. It's pretty nifty. I wanted to find a video of a fat guy belly flopping in a pool (I find these things funny), but a search simply for "flop" produced nothing but World Series of Poker clips. There's also an in-browser video player you can download from them to watch the Google'd vids on the fly... seems very cool, only not something I'm gonna delve too deeply into while at work.

First game of the season for The Heart Foundation is tomorrow. Very excited!

More later. Maybe.

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