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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Flickr Related Tag Browser

I just found one of the coolest ways to find photos on Flickr... The Flickr Related Tag Browser. A nifty Flash interface lets you pick a tag (say, maybe, "puppies") and it will display pictures, in 6x6 grids, with that tag. Click on a picture, and it appears, full size (and original dimensions) next to the grid, including a link to the related page on Flickr itself. The coolest part though, is if you push the mouse pointer to outside the grid. You zoom quickly away from the picture grid, and surrounding it, are related tags to the one you're viewing (for instance... "puppy," "dog," "chihuahua," "pug," etc)... click on one of those, and see images with that tag, plus more related tags when you "zoom out." Too fucking cool. Link via PSFK.

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