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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Not much to write about I suppose...

Went to Zheng Long with Heather and her parents today. Had some pretty good Mu-Shu Pork, though the flies through the open patio doors were either agressive or drunk, or both... because they certainly liked to stick around.

Wrote about yesterday's game at the Heart Foundation blog... Sean and Andy are supposedly both going to begin posting there as well, but as of yet, nada.

It appears work will be picking up very quickly here. The big guy just landed a new account... Standard Pacific Homes. We'll be handling email marcom for their "Sacramento" and "Northern California" (Bay Area, Tracy, etc) regions... something like 30 developments in all, which more than doubles our email volume just like that. And I was worried they wouldn't need me around here. Sounds like Rob Z and Alex and I will be rather busy as Rob heads off on a cruise with his family this friday, to be gone all next week. Crazy. But that's good stuff because it means mad moolah for the agency and job security pour moi... plus a chance for me to prove that I deserve a nice healthy raise at my 6-month review.

News in brief from around the intarwebs:

I laughed pretty hard at this article over at Something Awful. Having gone to Chico, I knew the types of girls mentioned in their "College Cuties Survival Guide," and always wondered what they'd do at 30 when people would no longer offer them free drinks and attention for flashing their ta-tas.

AdRants pointed out an advertisement that utilizes female masturbation imagery to sell watches. Now that is creativity at work.

Ever wanted to know the exact distance your walking routes are without actually walking them and using a pedometer? Gmaps Pedometer is for you. Using Google Maps technology, you can map out a route and it will tell you the distance you're covering. Very cool. Via Lifehacker.

BoingBoing reports that it appears Disney will be jumping into the mobile phone world, and swan diving, at that, with the introduction of Disney Mobile.

That's all for now, methinks.

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