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Monday, July 18, 2005



So the boss man just wanted to have "the talk" we hadn't had yet... how am I liking the job/office? What changes do I think could be made to processes to enhance the experience for clients? Et cetera, et cetera, "yadi yadi yadi." Ahem. So we went to Zheng Long. The Kung Pao chicken there isn't bad, and even with my blister on my thumb I was able to be not-too-lame with the chopsticks (since Rob was using them I felt obligated not to look too gringo. or whatever the chinese would have called me). So anyway, the talk was fine, Rob assured me that the upcoming work was going to be plenty for me, and he seemed to be genuinely interested in my answers to his questions, not just patronizing me for suggestions because he felt he had to or anything. Rock on. Put in the time requests for Seattle in August and Disneyland in September. No probs there. Will wait until after September to put in the official tim request for Walt Disney World in December (though the boss man was told about that before I was hired). Staying in tonight, I think. Drank too much Thursday and Saturday nights. No good. Need to watch Spanglish with Heather, it's due back tomorrow. Or we'll say fuck all that and go out. Who's to know? Not me. Not I.

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