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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Airline fares... odd...

I've been keeping up that previous post about Southwest DING! fares... so far EVERYTHING has been $90. For the last few months, when travel had to be by November 17, the fares out of the Bay Area were always $90-$130... does this mean that I should snap up the $90 fare as soon as Orlando becomes available? Or does it mean that fares might even go lower? Would I be greedy as fuck to hold out for a rate under $180 round trip across the country? Probably. I think I will stick to $90. Of course, that's $90 sans taxes/fees, which look like, on Southwest, they would be around $25 each (round trip, not each way)... so $205 each for the round trip flight would be the cost... other rates right now include $226 on American and $246 on Delta... and with them you can reserve seats... I always said if we could save $25 I would go with Southwest... looks like the rate would be $21 less than American... Weird... those American flights are in to Tampa, not Orlando... that won't work. Fucking Sidestep. UPDATE 1:45pm - Expedia and Orbitz have Delta flights out of Oakland at $253, Travelocity has Delta and Continental flights out of San Jose at $243... even with taxes and fees, Southwest is still definately the cheapest. Delta and Continental (and American, United, Ted, Northwest and Song) are "participating airlines" in Disney's Magical Express... Southwest is not. Though all this means is we wouldn't be able to get boarding passes for our return flight at the hotel. Might not be worth taking into consideration.

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