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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Blogger self-referential retro

I've run many websites in the past. The most recent before this one was the now-dead My first post on that blog occurred on January 26, 2004... and here it is:

In a world where blogs have become the ultimate cliche, and I should know, I had one admittedly after they stopped being cool, but before the days of LiveJournal and Blogspot, and whatever those other plug-and-play blogs are called, existed. So ask me, and I'll tell you: yeah, this is pretty stupid and unless I'm goddamn sure I have something to say, I should just shut up.

I just didn't want to do my LiveJournal anymore.

I missed the days of running my own blog so I'm back. In the past I was,,,, I was involved with and the experiemental (as in 'failed experiment') so that's me. And whoever you are, I'm sure that's just dandy.

Now for an aside:

    My Top Five Autobiographical Song-Related Life Moments (in chronological order)
  1. Young MC - 'Pick Up the Pace' (1991) - 'Sang' this song in a fifth grade talent show. Represented the peak of my disillusioned 'wigga' stage. I was so fucking ahead of my time.
  2. Nirvana - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (1992) - Like many kids my age, this song knocked my 12-year-old ass out of my 'I wanna be a hip-hoppin MC' stage into my still-extant One Who Loves The Rock stage.
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Under the Bridge' (1994) - First slow dance. Eighth grade. Probably popped wood, don't remember. Definately got no play.
  4. Sparklehorse - 'Happy Man (EV11 Mix)' (2002) - First song I was introduced to by my original partner during our first radio show at KCSC in Chico. Confirmed to me that the DJ gig was a perfect way to hear new music. Getting with my partner (yes she was a chick, no she wasn't as cute as I thought at the time) on the other hand, never happened.
  5. Broken Social Scene - 'Looks Just Like the Sun' (2003) - "You Forgot It In People" got stuck in my car stereo for a little over a month right before I graduated from college. Never got tired of this song, and it still brings back fond memories of 100 degree days, 85% humidity, huge gin'n'tonics, and starting a weight loss process that turned my fat ass (can anyone say 285 pounds?) into something respectable and, if nothing else, healthy.

So what was I saying? Right, generic blogger introduction. Hell it must be over by now.

I'll leave you with this: Carolina +7, and take the under. I'm either walking away from next Sunday up about $100 or down about $80. Wish me luck. Or don't, you stinking, rotting bastards.

Looking through the dregs of my nearly-2-year-old web server space can be fun. I seemed a little meaner back then, or maybe that's just my imagination... we are talking the "me" of 19 months ago...

That shit's all gone, though... I cleaned out the server. I have another 16 months of freeness on that server, then it will be time to move (because I don't think will match some of the really good hosting offers out there)... actually, I just felt like cleaning up / / / / (I think those are my last-left domain names).

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