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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Comment spam is assy

To Daryl and Russ and anyone else concerned with/attacked by blog comment spam (see the assault on Russell here), Six Apart, the makers of Typepad and Movable Type, have a good article/FAQ on blog comment spam over yon. Some of their solutions are specific to MT or TP, but some are usable by anyone. Blog spam sucks ass. Worse than email spam. I have to agree with Daryl that it is a scourge as disgusting as child pornography. Okay. Maybe I'm taking that a bit far. Still. It's assy. I wonder why Russ got hit so bad? Does he get more traffic than me? I'm around 15-25 visits per day... or is it that Google AdWords thing? Did that attract more attention to his blog? The answers MUST be discovered!!

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