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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Danny, you got it backwards

That "Special Major" grad program at CSUEB requires at 2.7 undergrad GPA... not 2.0... yikes. UPDATE 2:07pm - Speaking of requirements... let's see here... SJ State, CSUEB, Mills, Dominican, Santa Clara, Sonoma State, USF... no MA PoliSci SF State... MA PoliSci, req 3.25 undergrad GPA UCB... HAHA yeah right. Grad school can fuck right off. Although, USF does have an MA in Sports Management, designed for professionals to complete in two years... interesting... oh, and a minimum 2.75 undergrad GPA. Yeah. It can fuck right off, it can. UPDATE 9:43pm - Saint Mary's, also no MA PoliSci... though an MFA Creative Writing. Their grad admissions page for it is all 404'd up, however.

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