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Monday, August 29, 2005


[the DING! post] I don't know why but...

I think in an effort to see how long it takes to get the Southwest DING! fare we want... either Oakland or San Jose to Orlando for $90 ea way... I'm going to keep a running tab of all Oakland/SJ flights on the DING! system that DON'T match up... Don't ask why, because I don't know. August 29, 3:26pm: Oakland to New Orleans for $90 Oakland to Omaha for $90 San Jose to Cleveland for $90 San Jose to Columbus for $90 San Jose to Tampa for $90 UPDATE! August 30, 8:34am: San Jose to Amarillo for $90 San Jose to Nashville for $90 UPDATE! August 30, 1:29pm: Oakland to Norfolk for $90 San Jose to Louisville for $90 San Jose to Tulsa for $90 UPDATE! August 31, 8:47am: San Jose to Houston Hobby for $90 San Jose to Indianapolis for $90 San Jose to Jackson for $98 UPDATE! August 31, 11:22am: Oakland to Lubbock for $90 Oakland to Philadelphia for $90 San Jose to Raleigh/Durham for $98 UPDATE! September 1, 8:37am: Oakland to Baltimore for $90 Oakland to Corpus Christi for $90 San Jose to Buffalo for $90 UPDATE! September 2, 8:26am: No Oakland or San Jose flights. UPDATE! September 2, 11:57am: Oakland to Buffalo for $90 Oakland to Ft. Myers for $96 San Jose to Providence for $90 UPDATE! September 2, 2:34pm: San Jose to Chicago Midway for $77 San Jose to Manchester for $90 San Jose to Oklahoma City for $90 To be updated as often as I get DING!ed.

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