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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Disneyland, Soulcrusher!

From Mickey News:
A Taiwanese envoy to Hong Kong said on Monday that Disneyland tramples on children's imaginations. The scathing criticism by Ping Lu - who blasted Disney in an opinion piece in the South China Morning Post - came about two weeks before the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland. Ping said Hong Kong had become obsessed with Disneyland's September 12 opening, but that her view of the new park was different. "It features a giant Mickey Mouse and Snow White trampling on children's imaginations as they frolic through a desolate and shiny commercial theme park," said Ping. Ping said that television, advertising and the internet were having a negative influence on children, sending messages that promote materialism and consumerism.
Okay... materialism and consumerism, I dig her on that. It's true that Disneyland/DisneyWorld/DisneyEverything is a business, and a massive one at that, worth hundreds of billions in revenues year-in, year-out. But to say that Disneyland... though I haven't been to the Hong Kong one yet (I keep meaning to, but it hasn't opened yet and I only make it to China once a month)... to say that Disneyland "tramples on imagination?" Give me a freakin' break! It might trample on other things... like savings, allowance money, health when you eat their fatty burgers and stuff (at least you know you're walking it off hoofing it around the park)... but imagination? Quite frankly*, imagination is about the only thing Disneyland lets run free anymore. *Stephen A. Smith, please don't sue

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