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Friday, August 12, 2005


Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

So, like I mentioned yesterday, Heather and I now officially have our room reservations in Walt Disney World, December 11th-17th, at the Coronado Springs. I mentioned this resort back in April, but wanted to share a couple more pictures... The resort is on the newer side (built in 1997), and is made up of three sections... The first is the Casitas: The Casitas sections is themed with Mexican/Latin American villas and fountains, meant to look like (an obviously Disneyfied) a Mexican city setting. Heather and I would be fine staying here, it looks very nice, but isn't our first choice. The second area is the Ranchos: The Ranchos section has a more rustic, American Southwest feel to it. Lots of cacti and gravel. We're really not interested in staying in this section. The third area, and the one we would love to stay in, is the Cabanas: The Cabanas section is themed after places like Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallerta. It's all bungalows and beach on the shores of Lago Dorado, hammocks between palm trees, and pirate treasure chests left in the sand. Romantic, relaxing, and very, very cool. Apparently, we can call CRO (the Central Reservations Office) at any time and make our requests... water view, non-smoking, Cabanas, please! Here are some more pics from around the resort: This is the lobby/main building, called "El Centro": This is their killer, amazing pool with a freakin' Mayan pyramid and shit: And here is a map of the resort: Can you tell I'm excited?

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