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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Long Live the Heart Foundation!

Still alive, bitches. After losing last week, the first loss in a double-elimination tournament, we faced elimination twice tonight. First, against the Non-Athletics, a team we'd beat many times between this year and last. A 20-something-to-single-digits win, and we had to play again against Joe Boo's Rum / The College Studs. We fucking hate these guys. Tight game all around, neck-and-neck with a handful of lead changes. In the bottom of the fifth, playing right field, with a 15-13 lead, I committed a heinous fielding error that, between the play itself and the fact that it should have been the second out, and runs were scored after the actual second out, allowed JBR/TCS to score 4 runs and take a 17-15 lead. Going into the top of the sixth, with mere minutes on the clock, we had to score or face elimination at the hand of... if such a thing exists in D-level softball... our most fierce rivals. A handful of key hits ties the game for us, and yours truly steps up to the dish with two outs and speedy Brent on second base. Game-winning RBI, muthafuckaaaaas! Felt good, too. After a 1-2-3 bottom of the sixth, we took the victory at 18-17. Next Tuesday at 6:30 we play the East Bay Dirt Merchants. If we win, we have to play them again at 7:45 for the title, since they've yet to lose a game in the tournament. WEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, OF THE LOSERS!!

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