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Monday, August 15, 2005


My feet hurt.

I burned the shit out of my feet over the weekend, wearing flip-flops to the A's game and drinking enough to not think "Hey, fucko, go get yourself some sunscreen!" At least the A's won that game. I've mentioned a lot lately about the trip Heather and I are taking to Walt Disney World in December. 117 days away. But I have neglected to make a big deal about that fact that in a mere 24 days, she and I will find ourselves in Disneyland, staying at the Disneyland Hotel and having a great time. Unfortunately for us, two marquee attractions... the Haunted Mansion, and California Screamin'... will be down while we're there. At HM, they'll be putting on the overlay for the "Haunted Mansion Holiday" ride, themed after the film Nightmare Before Christmas, while Screamin' is closed because people got hurt a little while back, and DOSH is still going to be investigating, in all likelihood, in three and a half weeks. But at least Heather and I were able to ride both those rides back in February. And, the three main attractions that were closed last February... the Enchanted Tiki Room, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain... will all be open for us. Rock on. I am such a geek. But I love it.

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