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Monday, August 08, 2005


not even sure who to hate....

So I just finished translating a new PSD to HTML for a client's email template. Got it looking all perfect 'n shit in Firefox, then was going to send it back to the designer for comments/tweaks/etc... And I thought, "dude wait, you have to check this in IE." Of course, I was right, the vast majority of our clients' consumers use IE over Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc... And of course, it looked like complete shit in IE, for no good reason. I code to (essentially) W3C standards. So I tweaked and prodded and poked and finally got it looking perfect in IE... and it looks like ass in standards-compliant Firefox. And I know why, it's because I had to do some things that are completely against standards to make this sucker look right in IE... but market share is market share and our clients' consumers need to be able to read this shit. Anyway, if you have access to both Firefox and IE, you can see what a difference a browser makes. Dammit.

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