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Thursday, August 04, 2005


'Ockey, eh!

I had this big post written up about how the Sharks were trying to get Scott Niedermayer, a veteran defensman who is one of many players up for grabs in the current crazy NHL post-salary-cap free agent market. Then he went to go play with his brother Rob in Anaheim. Oh well. Apparently the Sharks are still gunning for winger Paul Kariya who averages 31.1 goals per season (37.6 in season where he plays at least 70 games), and had a high of 50 goals/108 points in 95-96... though recently, his numbers haven't been quite that good. Still, Kariya's a leader and would be a good addition to the Sharks squad... Though I'd rather have had Niedermayer, especially after blueliner Mike Rathje... a San Jose draft pick in 1992... left to the Philadelphia Flyers, along with a bunch of other brand-new flyers (including superstud Peter Forsberg). Anyway, go Sharks!

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