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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Am I a normal Disney fan?

I don't know.

Since we leave tomorrow, and the trip is a bit historic for my family (the four of us, plus girlfriends with both my brother and I... no trip like this has ever been attempted in my family's history...) I've been thinking of taking some notes in the evening and writing a "trip report." Like a bit of amateur travel writing, they are pretty plentiful, and MousePlanet has a whole bunch up on their site.

I just wanted a good feel for how they usually sound, what people usually write about, even if there's some weird unwritten "rules" (more like "guidelines", actually) about tense or anything. So the first one I pick up is a Disneyland Resort trip report from March of this year... the most recent DLR report in MousePlanet's database... and what do I stumble upon, but this magnificent first paragraph (emphases mine):

We got up at 5:00 am to begin the drive from Tucson to Anaheim. We were on the freeway by 7:00 am. Stopped in Phoenix for breakfast at Mc Donald's. Then we drove until we hit the Banning/Beaumont area and stopped at the Dinosaurs and Burger King for lunch. We woke up the kids - Brice just loved the huge dinosaur. I didn't really want to go up into the brontosaurus gift shop. But I'm so glad we did. I noticed that everything looked much nicer and cleaner first of all. Then I noticed that all the evolution garbage isn't there any more. It now tells all the facts about all the "Lucy" and other Neanderthal Men that were found. New owners had bought it and brought in great new merchandise and displays. They also hand out pamphlets and advertise their website so that you can learn the true facts (or lack of) about the Theory of Evolution.

Exsqueeze me?

Baking powder?

These big dinosaurs (in Cabazon, CA) are now owned by a group pushing Intelligent Design as actual, y'know, science or something... their site is here, but it's all the same brouhaha that misunderstands/misconstrues the word "Theory," in its scientific usage, to mean "we're not really sure" (you should know, this isn't actually the correct usage)...

Anyway. Fucking people. I just love this woman's disdain for the "evolution garbage." What a twat.

So if this is normal for Disney fans... oh well. I don't fit in. Even Walt believed in evolution, for chrissakes!

UPDATE 2:23pm: HAHA! Here is another trip report, the next one down from Matthew Harrison Brady up there, starts off as such:

First an introduction. I am JoAnne, a 38 yo SAHM to our 18 month old toddler Ryan who has been to Disneyland quite a few times, in utero and out, lol. My partner Mary is 42, and works as an ER nurse. Yep, Lesbians, lol. We go to Disney as often as we can, are Deluxe AP holders, and live in nearby Riverside.

So I guess the moral of the story is... Disney attracts all stripes... from creationists to lesbians to people somewhere in between. Which I guess would be me, as I'm neither a creationist nor a lesbian.

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