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Thursday, September 15, 2005


New phone

Motorola E398I've decided to get a new phone.

So, like any good consumer, and especially after almost dealing with shitstains Express Cameras, I did a bunch of research, both on models of phones and on places to buy.

My requirements were thus:

In addition to all this, the Motorola E398 (pictured above, which I have decided to purchase) comes with a USB cable, a 64MB "TransFlash" card (basically a mini-SD card... 256MB versions are avaialble), stereo speakers (yeah, two speakers, left and right, for ringtons), MP3 player software, and a bigass screen. Fucking sick.

I bought it. $205.98 after shipping, from, which got mixed reviews on Reseller Ratings, a 7-out-of-10 lifetime score... not great, but certainly not as bad as those Express Cameras fucknuts, and the price was $50 less than anywhere else.

So yeah, I'm excited. It probably won't get here for a week or two, but that's because I paid for the cheapest shipping possible. I will keep all up-to-date, of course...

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