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Monday, October 31, 2005


Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame!

Notre Dame Head Football Coach Charlie Weis


The University of Notre Dame locked up head coach Charlie Weis through 2015.

This is great news for Irish Faithful the nation over. Weis may only be 7 games in to his career as a head coach, but the Irish are 5-2, with a big win over rival Michigan, and one of those losses coming in the final seconds... quite literally... against rival and undisputed national #1 USC. The Irish are 9th in the Coaches' and Harris polls and 8th in the AP poll, the highest-ranked 2-loss team in the nation, and are currently flirting with an at-large BCS bowl berth (14th on the BCS poll).

Welcome back to prominence, Notre Dame. We missed you.

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