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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Drunk Food!

There is no better drunk food than Original Mel's

Yes, for those who have seen American Graffiti, THE Original Mel's... okay... maybe not "THE" Original Mel's, as many have sprung up around the Bay since the 50's, and I know the movie wasn't filmed in Walnut Creek...

Anyway, here's what you do...

  1. Order a #4... it comes with two eggs as you like, 3 bacon or 3 sausage, potatoes, and toast or biscuits and country gravy
  2. Order the eggs over easy, the sausage, and the biscuits and gravy
  3. Hack up the eggs, the sausage... and the biscuits and gravy. Toss the hacked-up B&G onto the plate of eggs/sausage/potatoes, and mix them all around like a muhfuck
  4. Add tobasco and ketchup
  5. Mangia. And tip well

Holy SHIT is that some good god damn drunk food. Word.

UPDATE 9:55am: Corrected some spelling errors.

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