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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Finally got our shit

AAA finally sent Heather and I the paperwork for our trip, which is, y'know, 78 hours away. At any rate, there's some neat stuff in there, like the "AAA Diamond Card" or something, that gives us discounts on food and shopping at Downtown Disney (including 20% off non-alky stuff at House of Blues... too cool!)... plus our Magical Express luggage tags that will tell the Disneyites to pick up our bags at the airport and send'em on down to the French Quarter.

There was other stuff too, like a voucher for the hotel stay (I guess since a travel agent booked it, it helps identify us? not sure)... at any rate, I'm glad it all came, but they were cutting it pretty close, in my opinion. We saved a buttload of money going through AAA, but if that weren't the case, I may never use a travel agent again...

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