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Friday, January 27, 2006


Addicted to Fantasy? So's Jeremy.

This is not actually Jeremy Clay. But wouldn't it be funny if it were?

Jeremy Clay is the jerk who won my fantasy baseball league last year. Netted himself just south of $300 for his astute waiver wire pickups, his solid initial draft, and his ability to immerse himself in baseball news, rumors and stats, while at work, and to not get fired for it.

Now he's entered the world of the sportswriter. Or, sportsblogger, I suppose, with the creation of his new blog, Addicted to Fantasy. He already has up a very good treatise on the mechanics of a fantasy baseball draft. If you're into this sort of thing (and you all know I am), check him out. He's already secured himself a spot in my Bloglines... hopefully the good content will churn out regularly.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jeremy!

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