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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Blog-related New Year's Resolutions

  1. Post every day. Period. No exceptions, even weekends. If I have cell phone reception, I can blog. Stop dicking around!
  2. Make the posts interesting. As in, much more interesting than this. For sheez.
  3. Finish up the post date graphics... like, a-to-the-sap.
  4. Find more good blogs to stick in the Blogroll. Clean out the ones I never visit. See if others who do not currently link to me, would.
  5. Remind people to click on my Google ads. Smile nicely at anyone who does so.
  6. PhoBlog more consistently, and with more content.
    1. Get a new phone with better-than-0.3 megapixel camera?
  7. Get the Heather and Steve Get Married Blog off the ground. After all, the big day's only (something around) 16 months away!
  8. Find cool new shit to integrate into this design, like the "Latest PhoBlog" feature. Resist urge to redesign completely. Stick it out with this design. I'm serious, goddammit!
  9. Blog either more or less at work... I'm not sure which yet. Probably more.

Happy New Year everyone!

UPDATE 01/04 @ 9:18am - Resolution #4 is underway, as I have removed a bunch of blogs/sites I don't read, and have added Andy and Candice (Sinister Zen) to the Blogroll. Yay for beginning to start trying to take my resolutions seriously! (now... where is that gym card....)

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