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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Dixar, Pisney?

Yes hun, I know.

So Disney bought Pixar. 7-ish billion dollars ($59 per share), Jobs becomes the single largest shareholder of the WDC, eclipsing Roy E. Disney, and Mr. Macintosh gets a spot on the Disney Board of Directors. John Lasseter, the former Disney animator and creative lead behind all of Pixar's hit films, becomes the head of Feature Animation. Pixar, as a division, apparently will continue to be headquartered up here in Emeryville and not moved to Burbank or Glendale.

Hopefully, with Jobs and Lasseter sticking around and in positions of incredible power in the company, the vast bulk of Pixar's incredibly talented story and animation people won't be jumping ship to DWA or Fox any time soon.

Bloomberg has more.

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