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Monday, January 23, 2006


Need to find a way to fill my day...

For better or worse, the boss will be out all day today, and I have just one email due today (still waiting for client approval). I actually have two due tomorrow... but one is approved and ready to go, the other is out for client approval... so I guess I can prep the Wednesday email...

What I'm basically saying is I have like an hour, maybe ninety minutes worth of work to do today, and with the big man out, it's less likely I'll have some new project to tackle. This kind of sucks.

Used my new shaver this morning, got me a Braun Activator 8585. I think it's the same thing Eric has, but can't be sure... it's a foil shaver, not a rotary blade shaver, and has this charging/cleaning stand. Very neat. Used it for the first time last night, and Heather thought my face and neck felt smoother than she'd ever felt before! Rock on! And it was more comfortable, quicker, and less messy than use a manual blade razor. Very happy so far.

There is a pimper version of the Activator apparently, the 8590, but I'm not sure of the differences. And, I'm happy with the price I paid... a quick glance at Google shows the Activator 8585 available online for anywhere from about $125 to $185... and I'm sure all those places charge shipping. I bought at the Target Greatland in San Ramon for $133 and change. So yeah, very happy with the price.

I'll probably come up with something to actually say later. Might post something in a political vein, maybe something baseball-related if there's anything to discuss besides the Coco Crisp trade, maybe something Disney-related if the deal for Pixar goes through today.

A political, baseball, Disney blog? With crap about shavers and orange-flavored dental products thrown in? Could anybody possibly want to read this?

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