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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


a beautiful day

Freakin' beautiful day today.


So I haven't been blogging lately because my blogging time has been taken up trying to get Red, White, & Blog up off the ground. I'm pretty excited about it.

Even better is today, my buddy Greg has jumped on board. This should work out well... we have similar politics, both Democrats, agree on a lot, etc. But we'll also bring different things to the table... I'm Catholic, Greg isn't religious, and I plan on pushing the concept of the "religious left." Greg works for an eco-friendly shoe company down on the central coast, so he has his finger on the pulse of that whole thing better than I do. I'm pretty stoked, it should be great.

Know what else is great? Blogging from the lappy sitting in the big comfy chair watching my HDTV in my condo... much better than being at a desk. Definately.

I will of course make the announcement here when RW&B is ready to debut, and I hope to still do my personal blogging here once that is up. Stay tuned.

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