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Friday, September 02, 2005


WHOA nelly on the air fare!

Sure, I'm keeping up the DING! post, and no, the proper fare to Orlando hasn't come up yet... but I just noticed something on the most recent DING!... Seattle/Tacoma to Orlando for $74. That's a grand total of $346... or $173 each, including taxes and fees, round-trip to Orlando from a starting location further away from Florida than we are... so why do I have this sinking suspicion that I'm just not going to see that rate out of Oakland or San Jose? Although... I haven't seen one rate in the current reservation period (11/1 - 1/9) over $106 from anywhere to anywhere else... in the last reservation period (I think 10/1 - 11/17) there were regularly one-way rates over $120. So perhaps $74 isn't unreasonable for Oakland/SJ --> Orlando? We'll have to wait and see, but how awesome would two round-trippers for under $350 be? Rawk.

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